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Find a Good One and keep ‘em close…


…which is exactly what I did when I somehow convinced the three gentleman who stand next to me, to join me in a band. I’m Priscilla, but you can call me Scilla. I’m a New York City born, Connecticut based singer/songwriter who began fooling around with a guitar at the age of 16 and songwriting at 20. The first song I ever wrote was about my sister - the second one was about a boy. Which is pretty symbolic because sisters always come before boyfriends. My personal writing style leans towards a Sheryl Crow country/rock/pop vibe but with the boys next to me, we err towards the side of Rock & Roll. As long as it gets our hearts pumping, and your bodies dancing, we’ll play it.




I feel very blessed to stand next to one of the most talented guitar players I have ever heard play - John Barney Jr. (but you can call him, JB!) His effortless style and ability to vibe off my ever-changing melodies is something rare, and raw, and downright poetic. He sometimes refuses to sing with me, but don’t let him fool you - that man can carry a tune!

Another friendly face you’ll see on stage with me is a cat named Bill Maher - otherwise known as - BONGO BILLY. His rhythm is ridiculous and pulls our whole trio together perfectly on days where he isn’t blowing people away at the Hard Rock!

And finally, the newest member of our trio-gone-foursome is Doug Colosky - who rocks the bass like nobody’s business. I’m not sure how someone can so effortlessly play a song he has just heard so quickly, but he does! He’s been playing with JB for a while now but joined us in the summer of 2019 and made it official.

These guys are the real deal, and well…I’m Scilla.

See you soon?!

Much love,

The Good Ones